Sunday, August 03, 2014

Started a new tabletop website

Hi peeps!!

I recently started a new site that focus on tabletop gaming, TabletopGames.Lifebits.Me.

In TabletopGames.Lifebits.Me, I will blog about reviews of tabletop games, tabletop news and other articles that think it is worth sharing.I will also be posting my own articles. These articles are written from my own experience, researches online and other related blogs, podcast and videos. I collate them in a sensible matter and present them to you.

It is my first site that focus on a particular something therefore I know that there are many areas I can improve on but I hope you like it anyway. Please do leave comments below or on that site so that I get to know what am I doing well and which area I need to work on to get higher viwership.

I am looking for contributors and feedback especially in the Asia region. If you have something you’d like to see covered on TabletopGames.Lifebits.Me or would like to contribute in english or any asian language, feel free to drop me a mail or leave in the comments either here or at TTG.Lifebits.Me's Contact Page. Thanks!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Games Sunday @ Serangoon (GSS) 17 – Water, Water Everywhere!

Recently, I caught up with a interest in tabletop gaming and I hope to become active this in area. Last Sunday, I went to a public tabletop gaming event at Serangoon library, 4th Floor Rooftop of Nex Shopping Centre). I got to know of this event through's singapore boardgaming interest group. GSS happens bi-monthly, on the 3rd Sunday of even months. It is actually quite surprising for me to find out that actually our Singapore library's has a small collection of games for this organisers to borrow.

The game theme for this session is the element of Water! During the session, there are people playing water related games like Puerto Rico, Forbidden Island and Navegador. There are also people playing other games like Saboteur, Bohnanza, and Ubongo.

Playing Puerto Rico Playing Puerto Rico

When I reach the event at 2pm, there are around 20 people. Towards the end of it, I am quite sure there are at least 40 people in the program room. Such public tabletop gaming sessions are usually casual where you can reach anytime you want and leave any time you want. However, I still feel that it is basic courtesy to only play a game if you can stay to the end of it. It is totally fine to ask for a rough gauge of the time the game will take and reject it if you cannot stay for that long. This is much better than leaving the table halfway and destroying the game of the rest of the players.

There are many friendly people in this event. People there are willing to teach and introduce new games to others. There is this one person who volunteer to be the game master for Bohnanza and he patiently introduce and guide a group of 6 players who are mostly new to the game.

Playing BohnanzaPlaying Bohnanza

There are also people bring new games that they just bought and learn to play together with others. I played this game called "A Castle for all Seasons". It is the first time the game owner playing this game so each of us ended up with a copy of rules and instructions in our smartphones and tablets, exploring the game as we play along.

Playing A Castle for all SeasonsPlaying A Castle for all Seasons

I am still new to these kind of public boardgaming sessions therefore do not know who are the "usuals" and also the organizers. But slowly and surely, I will. Haha! I do want to thanks them for making an enjoyable Sunday afternoon. :)

If you are interested in these kind of events, sign up for free at for updates on latest events or you can leave a commet below to ask me for more information on tabletop related stuff.

Meanwhile, play more games!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Self Reflection on Introducing TableTop Games to Others

Recently I have been quite into table top games. Ever since I have catered more time for socializing on weekends, I have been meet up with friends and introducing them to tabletop games, like Bang, Loot and Guillotine. After 3 such meetups, here is my reflection.

Personally, I feel that such meetups are good because helps to bring people together and allow the group to interact. Many times, I find myself in a social situation with friends where we all do not have much to talk about. Sometimes, the thought of class/friends gathering is daunting because I am unsure if I have anything to converse. By bringing tabletop games to meetups, it helps me get out of these situations. For the past 3 meetups, the first 10-15mins is catching up before we begin our games. Then after we continue our conversation during dinner.

These 3 meetups also help to polish my instructional skills. In the past, I had problems trying to get my idea across when I am conversing and is worse when it comes to teaching others new games. My friends are usually confused even after two round of trail run. For the past 3 meetups, I make sure I prepare myself and rehearsal in my mind how I am going to teach my friends. I will make small notes to remind myself of main points. I will search youtube to see how popular reviewers explain the game. I also make some game aids to help the flow of the games and also to allow them who are new to the game to get onto the game faster. During and after gameplay, I will also initiate a short discuss regarding the round to get their feedback. I will try to remember and this will affect the games I bring during the next meetup.

The recent meetup, I got a little frustrated during a new tabletop game. Even though everyone is playing for the first time, they are all taking very long during their turn trying their best to understand how the cards in their hand affects the game play. I keep on reassuring them that it is only a trial run, so just play casually. After a few rounds, I got a little frustrated, even though I didn't tell off anyone, I think I did show my dissatisfaction on my face.

When I reached home, I kept on thinking why I got frustrated and to be better in teaching a new game to everyone. One reason I got frustrated might because I only had 4 hours of sleep last night and fatigue got better of me. It reduced my patience threshold and become more emphatic. Therefore, I reminder to myself is to have sufficient rest and be in the best mental condition when hosting such games meetups. Any reason that I got frustrated might also be because I am so into trying to get my friends to like the game that I forget to bring fun and entertainment onto the table. This is something I have been doing for the past few meetups but forgotten during this session.

Reviewing how I could have better introduce new game to my friends, I realized that not every game suits the "super short explanation and learn while playing first round" method. Especially for cards that have many words and ability, it is best to give the players 5-10mins to read all the cards in the deck so that they can have a brief idea of what to expect when they have those cards in their hand. This will help to reduce the time needed for each player to play their turn and therefore leading to shorter waiting for the rest of the players.

The round off, I am really glad that I am able to introduce my friends to tabletop games and see how they really enjoy different games. During this reflection, I am surprise how much I have improved on my instructional skills. I will continue to try to get new games and host more games meetup on regular basis to get friends together and share the same interest.